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Posted on by Punkiss

Hello Ladies =) Jamman Jewels Has released his ULTIMATE DELUXE HUD with Rigged Mesh Nails!! Yes, I`m super excited because I already wear Jamman Nails everyday, for me, there was only one way to make these better & that was MESH!!

Let me show you this fabulous hud, it comes with 800 Textures, 6 nail shapes & you never need to choose a nail size, because they`re Mesh!! They just fit :) The hud also features an automatic pose stand to pose you anywhere you want, a hide hud option, which I love, because I never take off my nails, & leave my hud on screen in the hide option, takes up just a small space & is always there when I wan`t to change colors.

Ok ladies, we know you are about to get all these fabulous dresses & gowns on the Hunt, so grab your Jamman nails now to complete your Holiday look =)

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