Womenstuff proves to be BEST Hunt on SL!

Posted on by Punkiss

It doesn`t matter what`s your style, you bound to find that perfect outfit for the Holidays during this Hunt. From Ball Gowns to Sweaters to Lingerie to Corsets, Womenstuff Hunt has you covered. Today I can say I`m amazed again at just how nice these gifts are, I don`t ever remember seeing gifts like these on any other Hunts and I`ve done quite a few, lol

The first gift shown here is from 22769 Casual Couture. This item is EXCLUSIVE to this Hunt only! “Tamara” Dress in Red Mesh is just what I`d expect from this designer, I love their clothes and they left nothing out when contributing to this Hunt. This dress is form fitting, almost resembling suede with just a hint of a floral deco in the background. Just stunning, <3 it!

The next set of pictures will actually feature two gifts. First the Burma Ruby Set from TWO SISTERS TREASURES comes with mask, necklace & earrings. Fabulous!

I couldn`t have opened these gifts with better timing as the next one was a perfect match with the Ruby Set. Violator created this gorgeous set called Baroque Doll In Red & Black, complete with neck chains and top and bottom layer lingerie.

As you can see, the detail in this is incredible. Another gift I just love!

Next we have AMACCI with this adorable lingerie set, “Amore” in Red will surely have your partner scrambling to find the Mistletoe 😉

This set comes with bikini top & bottom, stockings and garter. Very sexy indeed 😉

And finally from NV Corsetry, this lovely corset set, “Not So St. Nick”, complete with Mesh Corset and shorts makes a statement all on it`s own.

I just love the little belt, I never quite thought of a corset in Santa version, what a great idea :) Super cute!!

Are you ladies feeling spoiled yet? Because you certainly should be!! These are some of the most amazing gifts I`ve ever seen on a Hunt. Only 2 more days, hurry and get your other gifts from part 1 unpacked, there is much more to come!

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6 Responses to Womenstuff proves to be BEST Hunt on SL!

  1. lilou says:

    hi there :) I wondered if you could tell me which skin are you wearing on the first pic (with red lips)? thank you!

  2. lilou says:

    hi there, I’m very disppointed to see that my comment has been approved but you did not gave me a reply to my request

  3. Punkiss says:

    Hi Lilou, I`m so sorry that you didn`t get a response, I`m just seeing this now actually and to tell you the truth, I`m not real sure, I change skins & makeups, shapes etc a few times a day & unless I`m “featuring” that specific item, I tend not to list it, however, I will do a little research & see if I can come up with that exact look again. You can reach me in world at Punkiss Resident & I`ll let you know if I found it. Again, sorry if you felt slighted, wasn`t my intention at all :)

  4. Punkiss says:

    lol actually I just found it, & if you`ve completed the first part of the hunt, then you have it :) It`s the Hunt Gift from Zoul Creations – “LYNN 03 Beige” with the added “red” lipstick tattoo included in the gift :) Enjoy!!

  5. Punkiss says:

    You are very welcome :)

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