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Hey everyone!! Today I`m going to show you a bunch of NEW Releases from Lola Creation. This outfit is called “INFINITY” and comes with the laced neck tank, jeans, sneakers & a sculpted belt. How cute right?

The belt is really cute with a bag on the back =)

Next we have that exact top again “Short Sleeved Tank” but with a 12 texture hud. This top is so adorable with the laces. And all the colors are great, you`ll see a few of the colors below in the next pics.

The last release are these awesome MESH Timberland Boots in 3 sizes (rigged mesh) & with a 15 texture hud! I don`t know about you, but I`m always a fan of being able to change colors, I feel like I`m getting so much more for my L`s, lol.

Aren`t they great looking? Detail is fabulous. There is also a pair of Non -Rigged  Mesh with resizer script included as well.

Great colors too, this isn`t all of them, but I wanted to show you a few that are in the hud.

That`s all for now, make sure you go try out these boots, they really are great!! Here`s your taxi 😉 Lola Creation

Have a great day ladies & hope you all are enjoying the hunt too, I`ll be back with some more gift previews soon! =)

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