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Hello Womenstuff!!! I have so many things to show you today. I`ve missed being here to show you NEW things, so I`m really excited about todays post because it features 5 talented designers all in one :) First I`ll show you this outfit shown in the above pic, this is from AVAGIRL.  Next we`ll see a few casual sets from RUCA TEASE, cute, cute, cuteness! Then, a floral blouse & shortset from GLITTER & a beautiful metallic fuschia evening gown from TORI`S STYLEZ. Lastly, I`ll show you the cutest dances I`ve seen in a very long time, from HUMANOID, my avi looked so adorable doing these dances. No matter what your fashion preference, we have you covered in this post ~ enjoy :)

This is called “Penny” from AVAGIRL. This comes in multiple colors, red, aqua, pink & teal. Included is high waisted pants, (you can remove the top part & wear as shorter waist, shown in above middle pic), the colored top, and the bolero complete with cuffs & collar.

Next we have RUCA TEASE, with these “Day Off” outfits. These come in 4 colors, purple, blue, pink & teal. Each comes with 2 versions of tops (soft kitty & hangover), sport pants (adorable if I might add with the pockets & drawstring, love the detail), mesh watch, matching sneakers, & a special handbag that when you click it, you get treats 😉 Candy, cookies, water, coffee, cell phone, lollipops, & even whisky 😉 This is what I call a “Complete” outfit.

Next GLITTER releases this oh so feminine floral top with shortie shorts called “Angie Flowers”. This comes with pearl necklace as well as a gold & bead necklace & gold belt.

TORI`S STYLEZ brings us this beautiful Fuschia colored evening gown with sexy backdrop, love an open back on gowns.

And finally, to the Dances from HUMANOID called “Ayane Vol.2”  I so wish that you could see me doing these. Now I know that we all from time to time get fixated on watching our own avi`s right? lol I can promise when you are doing these dances, they are so cute, you won`t be able to keep your eyes of yourself 😉 I`ll give you a youtube link so you can get the idea, but definitely go try these out, you`ll be pleasantly surprised :)

Kind of hard to show you dances, but I tried, lol

Here is the youtube link to see “Ayane Vol.2”

And that is all today for DESIGNER NEW RELEASES, some really cute stuff right? I knew you`d like it :) In these post, I`m specifically featuring “Womenstuff Designers”, however, if your interested in a styling card on any of these looks, feel free to contact me :) Have a fantastic day WOMENSTUFF :)

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