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What is your sign?

Posted on by helmarmene


One more post for what awaits you in the Themed Sales Room!

Necklaces and rings with your or your beloved one’s zodiac sign by Vintage Touch (available for women and men).

Current round will soon change so if you haven’t already, run and check it out now!

 (Pants and Bracelets by xbody, Top and Heels by Joops)

Hey you sexy thing!

Posted on by helmarmene


Another clue of what awaits you in the new round of Themed Sales Room ladies!

Sexy isn’t it?

This blue bodysuit by M&M store is also available here till the end of the month so hurry and make it yours!

Code Name: Celestial!

Posted on by helmarmene


New Round for our Themed Sales Room ladies!

This time the theme is Celestial so everything your mind can think of will be in!

This time I picked 2 of my favorite colours from Addiction store that takes part in this round. The same heels are also available in many more colours for you to choose!

Don’t forget that the rounds last for a month so hurry and visit before it changes :)

-= Treasures from the Heavens =-

Posted on by Ahn

Welcome to the 2nd monthly themed salesroom event! March’s theme, if you haven’t heard, is all things CELESTIAL. We told the designers to think “Out of this World’, Sun, moon, stars. The Zodiac, space aliens. If it’s not of the earth, we want to see it! Thanks to the 30 designers that participated in this month’s theme, we have an opportunity to show you too!

Need some help deciding what look at first? How about some divine intervention with these poses from XXY (total of 4 poses).

ang5 ang4 ang3 ang2


Going out for a night on the town, ladies? Try this LBD with a colorful twist from Unforgettable Temptations! The dress is mesh and comes with a color change HUD for star field. Now you can match the color of the dress with your favorite drink or maybe even your favorite guy (or gal)!



For the men, Unforgettable Temptations offers a HUD driven shirt with a lowered suspenders pants ensemble complete with sneakers, necklace, and headphones.

tunes walk

Don’t need a dress or stylish duds? Surely you need some shoes! Alien mesh heels (for high Slink feet) for the ladies and Treckie Boots (for flat Slink feet) for men, also from Unforgettable Temptations, will give you that added flare and excitement to any outfit!



Why just look up at the stars when you can wear them! This pair of Spring Star Shorts from MIRANDARIO comes with 2 textures for easy styling.



A Valkyrie is a Fae species charged with taking the souls of great warriors, both Fae and human, to Valhalla after their deaths in battle. They answer to Freyja, who is in charge of balancing the “books” about souls taken to the under realms.* Whether you’re looking to pay homage to Norse mythology or just like dressing up like a sexy powerful being or anything in between, Folklorica has the outfit for you! It includes the headdress, wings, 2 styles of skirts, beaded feet ornaments to work with flat Slink feet, and is Lolas appliers friendly!



RGDW Men offers a more artistic approach to the business suit with this Blue Sky One Button Men’s Suit (mesh). Why have just your head in the clouds when you can wear them!



Sleek and bold yet not ostentatious, BRAVURA’s Etherial Materials Enabled Twinkle Little Star suit will look just as stylish in the modern world as it would on any starship.




The Celestial Event Opened Today!

Posted on by chineahh

There is so much amazing things at the Celestial Event. I am sharing with you a few things in this post for ladies fashion. I do hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

deka n jewlery_002

deka n jewlery_001From Dahlinks Xanadu we have  the Court Jewelry set. I combined the set with Deka’s Zodiac Top and Skirt outfit.

The Next 2 Dresses are done by IHAN SAMA, we have IHAN SAMA Lagenlook Dress Blue Stars &  IHAN SAMA  Lagenlook


ihan sama lagenlook Dress Blue SDtars_002

ihan sama lagenlook Dress VGStars_002 ihan sama lagenlook Dress VGStars_001