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Suddenly Last Summer

Posted on by Mandy Moo

It happened one summer
It happened one time
It happened forever
For a short time
A place for a moment
An end to dream
Forever I loved you
Forever it seemed
Hair – Woke Up – Catwa
Swimsuit – Skelly Suit – The Little Bat

Three Little Birds

Posted on by Mandy Moo

Rise up this mornin’,
Smile with the risin’ sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin’, (“This is my message to you-ou-ou: “)
Hair – Vanilla – Exxess
Skin – Joice Mixed Type- Deetalez
SLX – Tina Outfit – SLX
Outfit includes Necklace, Bracelet, Shoes, Top and Pants

Skully Hand

Posted on by Mandy Moo

Hair – Blink – Exile
Top and Skirt – Octavia Outfit – The Little Bat
Skully Bra – Skeleton Hands – The Little Bat

Dance for You…

Posted on by Mandy Moo

Loving you is really all that’s on my mind
And I can’t help but to think about it day and night,
I wanna make that body rock
Sit back and watch!
​Hair – Say It – Exile
Garments – Curvy Bitch Undies Black – 1 Hundred.

-= Womenstuff Hunt – August 2016 =-

Posted on by Ahn

womenstuff logo 2016

It’s that time again – the WOMENstuff Hunt is coming!

When: August 1st – 30th

No more than 20 sponsors, no more than 150 stores.

We will be accepting applications for the WOMENstuff Hunt starting on July 1st. You must be a member of WOMENstuff AND have designer status.

The application for WOMENstuff designer status is here starting July 1st (the page will show as Not Found until it goes live on July 1st). 

-= Detailed info on the hunt =-
In an effort to help minimize store drop outs, there is now a $100L fee per application to join the hunt. If you have or place a gift in the lounge PRIOR to applying, the fee is reduced to $50L per application. In return, each hunt gift will have a purchase price to be paid to you, the designer, by the hunter of $1L (this is optional – you may set it at $0L).

The application fee MUST be paid to MENstuff Resident by July 25th or the application will not be accepted.  It’s usually best to pay the same day you fill out your application.

As always, the hunt order is based on a first come, first served basis (sponsors ALWAYS take the top spots). Spaces are limited so don’t delay!

-= Advertising Sponsor =-
Advertising/Sponsoring includes
• One of the first 20 spots in the hunt order; it makes a difference in traffic, sales, and visibility
• Your store banner (logo) and SLurl on our blog. The blog is used for hints and we get about 5,000 hits a day during hunt season.
• Your items blogged on our site during the hunt
• Your store name on our advertising hunt posters around the grid at every WOMENstuff store.
• Sponsorship is L$10,000. For more information, please contact SkinTrader Greyskin in-world. These spots will go fast! This is some of the best advertising and exposure you can give your store!