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MEGAstuff Hunt 2 Sneak Peeks!

Posted on by helmarmene


More clues for Megastuff Hunt 2 Ladies!

On our Left,

Bracelets by Zuri Rayna (#4)

Earrings by Baubles! by Phe (#157) exclusive!

On our right,

Top Full Perm by Lyrical B!zarre Templates(#27)

Bracelets by Glint (#169)

Comfy and Cozy

Posted on by Ahn


rucas mega hunt_001


Gift From Rucca Tease

Frosty Mesh Robe for women

Cup Of Raspberry Latte

Matching Slippers

Frosty Cuddle Rug for couples 30 animations

Mega Stuff Hunt Trio Post

Posted on by Ahn

mega stuff hunt trio_005

there are 3 gifts I am sharing

Dress – Vanbeeck’s

Boots – House of RFyre Victorian Cranberry Beaded laced ankle Boots

Jewelry -Stars! Reindeer Jingles

An Exclusive Hunt Gift ( posted by Ahn for China)

Posted on by Ahn


e29de87e-88bb-4901-9bac-198945e56b69_zps5eae9a81This outfit is from Camellia’s Sanctuary

You will receive in this gift:

Jeans, Sweater, and earring’s

Mega Stuff Hunt Teaser! (posted by Ahn for China)

Posted on by Ahn

OK Ladies for Viewing Pleasure 3 items! 2 top’s and then a great hair!

Away we go!

The TOp is from Luckie – Scrumptious Croppie [RED]

Hair Is Allie & Ali - Cookie

luckie alli and ali mega hunt_001

heydra sweater mega stuff hunt_001This Top Is from Heydra  merry whishes lilac

Happy Hunting