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Gift time!

Posted on by helmarmene

Hello my beloved girls!

I got the best news for you all! Womenstuff Lounge is officially open! You can drive yourselves there and grab that free gift goodies that the awesome Womenstuff designers prepared for you!


So in this post today i host the exclusive free gift from Quoth The Ravenn! A very sweet outfit that also includes a fitmesh skirt and appliers for all your mesh add-ons (includes omega applier too!). You will also find at the Lounge the slink nails  I have on byLa LeMay!

P.s :  The hair I wear are ~*Damselfly*~ and the cute sandals from xbody store! <3

-=MEGAstuff 2 Hunt=-

Posted on by Ahn

megastuff hunt 2

It’s hunt time again and we decided to end the year with a BANG by not having just one hunt but 3 hunts! That’s right ladies and gents! We’re doing a MEGAstuff 2 Hunt with MENstuff, WOMENstuff, and HOMEstuff hunts running at the same time, December 5 – January 2!

In an effort to help minimize store drop outs, there is now a $100L fee per application to be paid by participating designers to join the hunt. If you (the designer) have a gift in the lounge prior to applying, the fee is reduced to $50L per application. In return, each hunt gift will have a purchase price to be paid to you, the designer, by the hunter of $1L. The application fee MUST be paid to MENstuff Resident or the application will not be accepted. (If your application is for WOMENstuff and/or HOMEstuff, the fee still must be paid to MENstuff Resident – he’s the one that started it all!)

As always, the hunt order is based on a first come, first served basis (sponsors ALWAYS take the top spots). Spaces are limited so don’t delay!

MENstuff –
WOMENstuff –
HOMEstuff –

If you are NOT an approved ‘stuff designer and would like to be, apply here (choose the group or groups that will best represent your store):
MENstuff –
WOMENstuff –
HOMEstuff –

• Do I have to participate in the hunt to keep my designer tags?
– No. The hunt is open to ALL approved ‘stuff designers but it is VOLUNTARY.

• I only have designer tags for 1 (or 2) of the ‘stuff groups. Do I have to apply for all the hunts?
– No. Only apply for the hunt(s) you have a designer tag(s) for.

• How much is the application fee?
– We have 2 different application fees.
– If you have a gift in the lounge, your application fee is $50L per hunt application.
– If you do NOT have a gift in the lounge, your application fee is $100L per hunt application.
* You can contact SkinTrader Greyskin or AlexAvion Resident to assist you in putting a gift in the lounge in order to get the reduced application fee.

• Who do I pay the fee to?
– The fee is paid to MENstuff Resident regardless of which hunt you are entering. If you are applying for more than one hunt you can pay the fees at once rather than in separate transactions if you wish.

• When do I pay the fee?
– When you submit the hunt application(s).

• What happens if I don’t pay the fee?
– Your application(s) will be rejected and you will not be able to participate in the hunt.

• What if I have to drop out of the hunt? Do I get a refund?
– Refunds will be determined on a case by case basis.


Posted on by adameinster

JAVA FASHION DESIGNS – Seagreen and Black Xine Bing

TCHELO´S – Peep Toe Mid POA



Posted on by adameinster


Exclusives of….

TnOAnouk honey Offer 3 Cleav nude – brown eb

X-SIGHT - Twisted Angel Eyes – Mystic Sea


Feeling Ravy!

Posted on by helmarmene
Hey lovelies! This is my first post on behalf of the Womenstuff goup ^^ and I host the really sweet store Pretty Kitty Design that inspired me for a really awesome raver style look!
Check below ;)
♥ Shopping List
Hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Tory
Skin  : .::WoW Skins::. Nana Tan Nat
Top,Skirt,Sleeves & Boots : :Pretty Kitty Design: ARCTIC:Biohazard 2.0 Female
Bubblegum : .::Joops::. ~BubbleGums!~