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Posted on by adameinster

JAVA FASHION DESIGNS – Seagreen and Black Xine Bing

TCHELO´S – Peep Toe Mid POA



Posted on by adameinster


Exclusives of….

TnOAnouk honey Offer 3 Cleav nude – brown eb

X-SIGHT - Twisted Angel Eyes – Mystic Sea


Feeling Ravy!

Posted on by helmarmene
Hey lovelies! This is my first post on behalf of the Womenstuff goup ^^ and I host the really sweet store Pretty Kitty Design that inspired me for a really awesome raver style look!
Check below ;)
♥ Shopping List
Hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Tory
Skin  : .::WoW Skins::. Nana Tan Nat
Top,Skirt,Sleeves & Boots : :Pretty Kitty Design: ARCTIC:Biohazard 2.0 Female
Bubblegum : .::Joops::. ~BubbleGums!~

-=’stuff Updates!=-

Posted on by Ahn

-=The Greek Isles Gacha Fair=-
A great big thanks to the designers that participated in our first Gacha Fair! With this being our first go around, we learned some things as what to do or not to do should we choose to have this type of event again. We welcome your feedback!

-=The ‘stuff Lounge=-
It’s that time again! We will be returning lounge gifts/items during the last weekend of September. Once everything is cleared out we will let you know when AND WHERE you can return to the lounge with a (preferably) new gift for our members. Your gift does not need to be an exclusive though, if it is, please let one of the bloggers know so that we can get it blogged for you on our website(s).

‘WHERE’ you ask? The ‘stuff lounge is moving! It will be a new building in a new location. Stay tuned for more information!

-=A hunt is coming!=-
Yep! That’s the rumor! We are considering a womenstuff hunt in December which means applications would be available mid-October at the latest. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

-=Bloggers at your disposal!=-
The ‘stuff groups has a team of specialized bloggers just waiting to show off your style! Feel free to reach out to them to really make your designs POP!

We are currently looking for womenstuff bloggers. If you know of anyone that might be interested, have her contact me for more information. Thanks!

menstuff bloggers – Kai Demen & Silvano Korobase
womenstuff bloggers – Now hiring!
homestuff blogger – Nathaniel Pevensey

-=Contact Info=-
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us!

SkinTrader Greyskin (Ahn) – co-owner
Lily Pussycat – manager

Ivy Maverick and Rob1977 Moonites are the other group owners but request that you correspond with Ahn or Lily first as they are tending to things in RL and will not be able to get back to you in a timely manner. Please respect their privacy.

With kind regards,
-=The ‘stuff Team=-

The Greek Isle Gacha is running!

Posted on by shadow

If you’re a shopping addict… If you’re in love with gacha events… You mustn’t miss the Greek Isle Gacha event organized by Womenstuff, Menstuff and Homestuff!!

Today I share with you wonderful hair by Damselfly (guys don’t be jealous there is also Damselfly hair for you at the event!). I chose to show you one of the rare items.


Damselfly – Letty Hair mesh NEW Greek Isle Gacha Event