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MEGAstuff Hunt 2 Sneak Peeks!

Posted on by helmarmene


As i promised! More clues for what MEGAstuff Hunt 2 holds for you girls!

On our left, .:WinTeRwooD Designs:. (#85)store offers this year this sexy outfit that includes both top and pants!

On our right, you will have to search around [[ Masoom ]](#44)store to obtain this classy red dress, perfect for these celebration days.. and nights!

For even more stay tuned!


MEGAstuff Hunt 2 Sneak Peeks!

Posted on by helmarmene


Another little something for you all my girls! I promised to show you some of the amazing stuff you will get during the MEGAstuff didn’t I?

This super little cute pink skirt is by AUSHKA&CO/A&CO (#109)! The package includes the skirt in 2 colours! The pink I am wearing and a sweet sky blue one!

P.S : Top and Sunglasses by Joops

Hope you are getting good notes cause the items are so many and I don’t want you to lose any of your gifts!


MEGAstuff Hunt 2 Sneak Peeks!

Posted on by helmarmene


Another clue of what is about to come at the MEGAstuff Hunt 2 my Ladies! Today I present you the gift from Christal Cre@tions Vip Store (#171)!

If you manage to discover the little hunt item you will receive this Exclusive whole outfit that includes Top, Pants, Scarf ,Heels for your Slinks and a HUD with appliers for all your add-ons!

Stay tuned for more!

Love, H.

MEGAstuff Sneak Peek!

Posted on by helmarmene

Hey Ladies!

As you already know MEGAstuff Hunt 2 is coming! So what better I could do for you all than giving you an idea of what our amazing creators will make you look for!


On our left I wear the  Exclusive AmAzInNg Creations (#25) Outfit that includes both the dress and boots!

On our right, AFI Designs (#142) prepared this super cozy and warm dress for your winter days!

Hope you took notes cause there are so many more to come!

Hollywood Star!

Posted on by helmarmene

Hey Ladies!

Did you visit the Womenstuff Lounge? I got for you today 2 more items that our fab designers offer as gift for you all and you can claim them as long as you have your tag on! So what are you waiting for?


The super sweet dress by Wicked store matched perfectly the shiny exclusive earrings by Vogati! You will find both gifts at the Lounge!

P.S : I matched the look with the vintage heels by xbody store!

Love H.